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Our Team

Founded in 2020, Team Aero-Watt is a group of ambitious and progressive thinkers from Heriot Watt University in Scotland who design, test and manufacture autonomous unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Our team consists of the Leadership Team, Airframe & Aerodynamics, and Software & Electrical Systems. 

We compete annually in the IMechE's UAS Challenge and in doing so providing our team members with an insight into the aerospace industry while also developing the skills and experience essential to a successful career in engineering.

There are many opportunities available and Team Aero-Watt members could be involved with anything from aircraft design or autonomous flight planning to social media engagement or legal & compliance.

Team Aero-Watt 2023/24

The Leadership Team

Manish Tirunahari

Team Manager

Laurence Avery

Chief Engineer

Flight Dynamics

Aerodynamic Design

Richard Ambler

Arthur McKay

Flight Dynamics Team Lead

Aerodynamic Design Team Lead

Structural and Composites

Software & Electrical

Gwilym Quigley

Ciaran Cook

Structural and Composites Team Lead

Software and Electrical Systems Team Lead

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